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Norma K.
Denver, CO
Hip Resurfacing
USD 60,500
The adventure of going overseas for a major surgery is a daunting one! One needs friends!

MedTrava provided me with an extremely helpful pool of friends, people who would openly discuss my situation, provide me with all kinds of information, and help me consider my options. Each person with whom I communicated wanted to help me in any way they could. First, MedTrava gave me doctor and hospital information to consider. Once I made my medical decisions, their personal knowledge of the country saved me all kinds of trouble. They worked hard to get me the best rates for my non-hospital time. They enabled a communications system (which can be very, very difficult). Absolutely every contact I had with anyone at MedTrava was enjoyable. It was clear to me that they wanted to take the best care of me possible. I very much trusted their support.

The Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai was very accommodating. The room had plenty of space for me and my companion, even in the bathroom. All of the nurses were kind, gentle, willing, and competent. Being able to stay extra days in the hospital (than I would in the U.S.) was a major help. Early activities after hip resurfacing are quite challenging, and I was so grateful for the generous assistance from the 'sisters,' as they call their nurses. Communications were generally quite good, since everyone on the international ward spoke English.

My actual surgical experience was excellent. Dr. Kaushal Malhan had a very good reputation on the internet, but in reality, he is even better. I am extremely grateful that such an important surgery was handled by someone with good experience, excellent judgment, and a willingness to answer any questions I asked (which was a lot)! He's compassionate and very accessible. I have no reservations recommending him to anyone contemplating this surgery. The other aspects of the surgery were also good. The individuals involved throughout the process were all very reassuring, and I could see their friendliness even through their surgical masks.

I encourage anyone considering such an adventure to explore it. I found information on the internet to be plentiful, and MedTrava really knew how to take me exactly where I wanted to go. Even though it seems so impossible at first, it gradually evolves into a great experience. I loved getting to know India, and I especially liked really getting to know so many of the nurses, the doctor, some administrative people at the hospital, and more.

Now for the weeks of rehab. . .
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