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MedTrava Announces Partnership with Hospital Clinica Biblica of Costa Rica to Expand Affordable Medical Tourism Options for Americans
AUSTIN, TX, June 11, 2009 – The MedTrava Group announced a strategic partnership designed to give Americans more choices for low-cost medical tourism destinations and greater access to premier Costa Rican medical care.

The MedTrava Group, a leading medical tourism facilitator, is a trusted source for for patients seeking high quality, affordable treatment overseas.  MedTrava offers all-inclusive medical, cosmetic and dental packages at savings of 50-80% over the skyrocketing costs of health care in the US. Based in the US, the company has assembled a network of rigorously pre-screened, internationally-accredited health care providers around the globe.

Commenting on the partnership, Poonam Dhawan, founder and CEO of MedTrava, said: “At MedTrava we’ve long been dedicated to providing our clients affordable health care at an extensive network of highly-qualified doctors and world class facilities in various global destinations. We are continually growing our network with providers that have the solid understanding and infrastructure to serve foreign patients and enable us to offer a greater selection of health care options of top quality medical care at substantially low prices – a welcome reprieve for our uninsured, underinsured and even insured clients .  Adding JCI-accredited Clinica Biblica to our network gives our patients another wonderful near shore option that lives up to the high quality control standards. Given its proximity to the US and Canada and its tourist charm, Costa Rica is an attractive medical tourism destination.”

Providing a comprehensive set of door-to-door services, MedTrava organizes every aspect of the patient’s medical journey overseas, from connecting with them with qualified providers, arranging the travel details, and even ensuring a personal patient care manager to assist the patient at the medical destination.

Mr. Brad Cook, Hospital Clinica Biblica’s International Department director says, “Our hospital offers patients a wide variety of leading-edge medical procedures and treatments at affordable prices, yet is located just two and a half hours from Miami. We are very excited about partnering with MedTrava, and allowing more patients to experience the quality of care available at Hospital Clinica Biblica.”

Clinica Biblica is an internationally accredited hospital based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Widely considered one of the premier hospitals in Central America, the hospital boasts Central America’s only integrated surgical theater, offering high-definition imaging during surgery and enabling simultaneous interaction with other operating rooms or areas.. This technology brings tremendous benefit to both the patient and surgeon because it allows the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, resulting in surgeries with fewer anesthetics, less bleeding and quicker recovery times.

Given the short flight time between the U.S. and Costa Rica, patients can take advantage of low-cost, quality medicine that is just a few hours away. The partnership between MedTrava and Clinica Biblica offers patients the quality assurance of an internationally accredited hospital and the long history of patient satisfaction with of one of the nation‘s leading medical travel facilitators.

About The MedTrava Group
Based in Austin, Texas, The MedTrava Group provides turnkey medical tourism services for low-cost, top-quality health care overseas to American consumers and corporations burdened by burgeoning health care costs and restrictive health care plans. MedTrava’s health care provider partners meet the highest standards of care and are internationally acclaimed centers of excellence.
MedTrava has pre-negotiated rates with each of its health care provider partners, and has assembled procedure packages that assure its clients substantial savings. It offers all inclusive medical packages for orthopedic procedures such as hip replacement, ACL surgery, unilateral and bilateral knee replacement, dental treatment, cardiac surgery, cosmetic procedures like facelifts, breast augmentation, as well as weight reduction surgeries like gastric lapband and gastric bypass, among others. The packages are custom designed for the individual patients and offer savings of over 50-90% over the costs of similar procedures in the U.S.
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